Owlstown Newsletter #10: Do I DOI?

Hello Owlstowners!

It’s been almost two weeks of shelter-in-place here in California. Staying home took some getting used to, but my wife and I are starting to find a groove of working at home and taking care of our 2-year-old daughter.

During tough times like this, it's important to maintain mental and emotional health. Here are some good articles I found:

How are things going with you? I hope you're staying safe and healthy wherever you are.

New feature

Owlstown now supports adding a DOI (document object identifier) to your publications. You can put your publication’s DOI in the DOI text field when you edit your publication.

Editing your publication's DOI

Why DOI?

A DOI is a unique identifier for your publication. It makes it easy for people to locate your publication.

For longer explanations on the benefits of DOI, check out these pages:

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